Criminal Lawyers Adelaide – Services

Colthorpe Lawyers specialise in criminal defence law, this includes defending all prosecutions for traffic related offences, licence reviews and the lifting of immediate police suspensions of licence.  We frequently deal with simple traffic offences such as speeding and other minor offences but also drink driving offences, driving whilst disqualified, driving to evade police, in a manner dangerous and cause injury or death by negligent driving.  We vigorously examine all drink driving matters as these matters require a large number of elements to prove and the absence of any one of those could prove fatal to the prosecution.

We will represent anyone charged with a criminal law offence.  This covers a vast array of charges, frequently theft and fraud, assaults (in various forms), drug related offences, restraining orders, property damage, firearms offences and the more serious type of charges including rape, serious drug matters and violent offences including murder.

We are happy to work for legal service funded clients and will assist with the completion of the application forms.

Are fees are very reasonably priced and range according to the seriousness of the charge and the anticipated time spent on defending the matter.  We prefer whenever practical to charge a set fee rather than itemising each and every court appearance, personal appointments. phone calls and letters sent or received.

We offer an afterhours emergency contact number because we realise that arrests, police visits and other emergencies don’t happen during office hours.

We pride ourselves on obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients.  This means either having the charges defended at trial, having all or some of the charges dropped or, through negotiations, ensure that the only charges that are admitted to are the appropriate ones, not the ones the police/courts would like you to plead to.

We are happy to provide our first interview without fee or any obligations and only start working for you when you want us to.  Often, with matters on summons this means attending court for you and obtaining the initial reports from the prosecution allowing you to go to work rather than having to attend court yourself.